The GOS 179 – Agastya’s blessings (3) and answers on the Kaveri issue!

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here.

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Question 3:
Om Agatheeswaraya Namaha!

Pranaams to all the elders. I am not sure how to ask, where to begin. A gentleman asked a while back that he needs to have the mindset to ‘seek You’ no matter how many births he may take. Such a noble soul, an elderly person lives in Madurai, near Palanganatham. They are taking care of a Kashi Vishwanathan, Visalakshi Ammai temple. His name is Krishnayya. He has assumed Patanjali Maha Muni as his guru and is teaching Yoga to those good souls who seek his assistance. One such a disciple who learns yoga is Siva Gnanam. An elderly person met Siva Gnanam, took him to a place and asked him to ‘build a temple here’. That place is called Aritta Patti near Madurai. They mention the history of this place. Maharishi Agastya himself had a doubt once as to who His parents were. He knew that only Lord Shiva & Parvathi can clear the doubt and so He did a severe penance to the Divine Parents who appeared and said ‘We are indeed your parents’. Agastya became very pleased and he did the Pradishta of a Shiva Linga there and worshiped).

To construct a temple in such a place, there is a shortage of money and it is very difficult to get it. When will they complete the construction? How will it happen? They say that it came in the “Vishwamitra Nadi” that it will happen under the lead of Krishnayya. Now there are different information coming from Patanjali’s Nadi. Good should happen to those who learn Yoga through Krishnayya and the construction should happen smoothly. It is better if it happens under the lead of Krishnayya. He is teaching the students many a things without any selfish motive. If one noble soul lives peacefully, he/she will ignite many such in their way.

We seek your blessings to have the temple construction for Kashi Vishwanath and Visalakshi happen smoothly, and that the students who learn under Krishnayya should progress well with their lives for good.


Through the grace of the Lord Almighty, what we say is. The place where the Atma dwells is temple. It is the Lord’s wish too that the humans construct a temple within themselves, within the womb of their mind and to pray to the Lord with pure love. But if such a subtle thing is said, not many will understand. Therefore, the forefather Rishi-Munis made such procedures to build temples externally, to do pooja externally etc. This is carried forward to this date. Some temples become dilapidated. There are subtle reasons for every such thing.

Having said that, to this son’s query, we shall bless that the temple construction to progress, through the grace of Almighty. For every temple to grow (the Maha Muni means the progress of spiritual sanity being more in that temple,  not the commercial aspect of ‘growth’ with loads of Hundi in every corner!) it is enough if spiritual-minded individuals gather together. There should be a connection of spirituality there, it’s enough. The material connection is not a big deal  for it will happen through the grace of God.

In this land of the Tamils lies many a temple for the First One. If those who are connected to the places where those temples are and perform appropriate poojas and begin the task, everything will go smooth. Blessings!

Further to this question. The people of Aritta Patti has come forward to have this temple renovated and have formed a committee where Siva Gnanam is part of. The devotees who want to know the present state and to contribute may contact the Pranava Nadha Saba & The Residents of Aritta Patti here: +91 99524 54869, +91 80151 46989.

Question 4:
There is a Soolagiri Varadaraja Swami temple. Arjuna himself did the pradishtai (installation) of that Swami. It is a Abayahastha type (the temple where the preciding deity’s right hand shows the mudra of Abaya Hasta). [But the temple did not grow much].

Through the grace of the Lord, all those incidents of Prana happened for true. When suitable time comes, all the growth aspect will happen. One must understand something. A temple’s growth is not as per how humans perceive it. What if many a number of people flock to a temple? Only commercial aspects remain there. Will there be sanity? Just because a temple is not seen or known by many, not many are thinking of that temple’s Lord or visiting that temple does not mean that there is any shortage to that temple. Those who have a spiritual connection to that place, in the appropriate time will come and continue their service. Blessings!

Question 5:

Please forgive me for repeatedly asking the same thing again and again. Without selfish motive, with humanity in heart, for Tamil, the one who grew Tamil, to have established a Sanga for Tamil (Tamil Sangam), the one who lives for Tamil, the Tamil God and the Lord Muruga, who said that Tamil will rule and to have given Tamil the power, let me ask this question:

The Agastya who gave the Kaveri, though created it in what is called as Karnataka now, is blessing many landscape of Tamilnadu. When will this Kaveri issue be solved? I earnestly pray to you. No matter if someone is born in Tamil Nadu or Karnataka, the Mother Ganga herself whose water consumable by anyone in the world has come here as Mother Kaveri, how then can this issue be solved without quarrels, in a peaceful manner? Please let us know, I request this with a common-good-cause in mind.

We shall say through the grace of the Almighty. O dear! As long as humans live, there will be conflicts and quarrels and problems and complications. The reason may differ as per the time. But the difference of opinion and hatred will continue to exist. As long as the humans develop individual righteousness, culture and attitude, no one can change this present scenario. This is human’s perspective. The human mind will travel as per the fate and karma.

But we always pray to the Lord Almighty that there should be a peaceful world, brotherhood. The people of Tamil Nadu and the people of Karnataka are created by the Lord Himself, just like any other humans. Not just them, everything including the river is created by the Lord Himself. Therefore, there is ‘No one who owns it’, there is No one who is a master and No one who is a slave. Everything is common, this attitude should be cultivated in every individual’s mind.
Though it is very difficult to get such a state of mind, We are ever praying to the Almighty that such a mindset should be present. We shall bless that such a mindset would come!

~ to be continued…!

The GOS 118 – The word of a Siddha and what it can do

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here.

The temples and mosques were built as a place of worship and to instill the thought of doing dharma and to do service thereby guiding the human to higher truths, says Maha Muni Agastya. It can be said that there is no other powerful means than Prayer. It can even change one’s previous karmic effect and only prayer wins at the end, says Agastya. Due to the effect of Kali, the people will turn towards materialistic desires and will ward off from bhakthi. Only to channelize the wandering mind and to guide them through God and spirituality, the Siddhas helped making of many a temples. How great is their grace! Such temples, if they are affected due to impurities where rituals doesn’t happen, the Siddhas come forward to help. We shall see how Agastya Maha Muni helped one such temple.

There seated an old man with a grief striken face. Before I could ask anything, those who accompanied the old man said:

“Our temple’s kumbabisheka is keep getting postponed. Whoever initiates it with some guts end up dying within a month! Eight such people have been dead and thereby no one comes forward to take up this task. It is difficult to perform the kumbabisheka without one leading it. Can it be performed at this temple? Or not? Is there any trouble with it and if so, can we abandon the thought of performing the kumbabisheka? We came to ask only this.”

“What temple is this?”

“Draupadi Amman Temple, built a thousand years back.”

“When was the last kumbabishekam done?”

“Some fifty years ago.”

I remained silent for a while, prayed to Agastya and opened the Nadi.

The Maha Muni came right to the point.

Let them dig about eight feet in the north eastern side of the temple. A bowl made of clay with black colored, unwanted substance will be present. Let them take it out without touching it with bare hands, wrap it in a cloth and throw it towards the southern side. Then install eight Kalasas for the Ashta Digh Balakas and do a Punyakavachanam. Then let the water be sprinkled in all eight directions in the temple. Then do a Balalayam and go further with arranging for Kumbabishekam. If done, there won’t be any obstacles. No need to worry as there won’t be any danger to any lives.

Once heard, the old man’s face brightened up and he began to speak for the first time.

“O Sire. For now, I am the one who will take charge for this task. The heir of the temple’s owners, the in-charge, those who were with me, my relatives, many a people were in-charge of the temple (Dharma Kartha). But right after they took in-charge of the kumbabisheka, they died mysteriously” – said the old man.

“Do not worry. Just do what the Maha Muni said. It is enough.”

“What is the reason for so many deaths?”

“Why worry about that now? Instill courage and make the arrangements.” – they left with so much of hope. I prayed for them as well. One month passed by. A person from the Kumbabisheka committee came running.

“Sire! We dug the north eastern side as Agastya Ayya ordered. There were skull and bones in pieces. When trying to take it out, the person who took it was thrown away. He is now paralyzed that one of his hands and legs doesn’t function. We have admitted him in the hospital. We don’t know what to do. Please ask the Agastya Muni sir..”

Agastya swiftly came in the Nadi and said, “We asked specifically not to touch what is found with bare hands, but they did not listen to it. Hence this result. There is nothing to worry for his life. He will return to normalcy in four months. Fear not!” – Agatsya Muni gave them courage.

“Sir, will the Kumbabisheka happen?”

For sure. But all those who are part of the Kumbabisheka must tie a “kappu” (protection)” – said Agastya.

“What is a Kappu?” – asked the person.

When the Balalayam begins, that is forty eight days before, place a threat in the feet of Draupadi Amman and each of you must tie that in your right wrist.” – said Agastya.

“We shall do just as instructed.” – said the person.

Another thing. No need to worry or fear about the skull and pieces of bone that was taken out of the temple. Forty eight years back, this place did not have any building or compound wall. The Sanyasi who worked in this temple had died. So no need to worry in all unwanted aspects.” – explained the Maha Muni.

Further to this, “Do a Punyakavachana with Brahmins in that place. The Brahmins who perform this must be really really pure. Otherwise, there is no use even after doing the Punyakavachana.” – puzzled Agastya.

“Sire! It would be great if Maharishi explains what He means by the Brahmins to be really pure. If He can show the person with whom we should conduct this Punyakavachana, it will be great too.” – prayed the person.

I shall surely show the way. As there wasn’t a kappu tied as per the rules and since there is a predha-dosha (dosha due to dead body) in the north-eastern direction, the Brahmins who performed the Balalayam before wasn’t pure and they tried to install the Kalasa, hence the in-charge met with death. As you are going to do everything as per the rules now, no need to fear.” – He clarified.

“Sire, please do not mistake. If the Maha Muni points at the person with whom we should perform the Punyakavachana, it will be really useful as we cannot know which Brahmin is pure and who isn’t.”

All Brahmins are good indeed. But those who learnt the Vedas properly, those who are not greedy for more money, those with proper devotion and do service to the Lord, are very few. There is a person in the banks of Kaveri at Thiruvarur. He is an eighty five year old bachelor named Neela Kantan. He has the qualities of a Siddha. With him, let the Kumbabisheka be performed.” – said Agastya.

“Thank you so much sir! Let us do just as You say.” – the person prostrated with utmost devotion and left.

Eighteen days went by. The in-charge came along with his men.

“Sire, we went to Thiruvarur just as the Maha Muni said but we could not find anyone by the name Neela Kantan. We are exhausted after searching in all the places. What do we do now?” – he was worried.

“Is it true that such a person lives there in that place?” – I asked.

“They praise that person so much. But they didn’t know when he will be there in town and when he won’t. What do we do now?”

“Please wait a minute..” – I prayed to Agastya and opened the Nadi.

As you asked to point out the person, I pointed out to Neela Kantan. But it’s true that there are others who are just like him here and there. But the same Neela Kanta Sastri will perform the Kumbabisheka for Draupadi Amman. Do not worry and go to your place now.” – Agastya gave His clairvoyance.

In spite of His words, they were not so hopeful. Isn’t there any Vedic scholar in the country other than Neela Kanta Sastri? There are several Kumbabisheka happening across. Is Neela Kanta Sastri performing everything? Because of a few Brahmins who commit a mistake, all other Brahmins can’t take the blame. There indeed are many a good hearted Brahmins.” – I thought. But as I had to obey His orders, I kept quiet.

I came to know that they performed the Punyakavachana for Ashta Digh Balaka and that North-Eastern side through some learned scholars. But there isn’t any news from Neela Kanta Sastri.

They collected money and somehow gathered a sum of thirty lakhs rupees and made arrangements to the temple Kumbabisheka. The committee members tied the Kappu as well. But they all feared for their lives. The Neela Kanta Sastri who was pointed by Agastya Muni as a ‘right Brahmin’ was not to be seen. So how can this Kumbabisheka be performed, they worried.

The date for Balalayam was fixed. Some went to Thiruvarur again and searched for Neela Kanta. They got to know that he had left ‘that day itself’ and might have gone to Allahabad.

That Neela Kanta will complete Balalayam and also the Kumbabisheka. If there isn’t faith, conduct these with anyone whom you know.” – the Maha Muni had mentioned it in anger and so they couldn’t accept or reject anything and were struggling. Even I felt disturbed.

When they were making all arrangements for Balalayam, an old Vedic Brahmin arrived at the Draupadi Amman temple in the early hours of morning. He introduced himself as “Neela Kantan”. He did not speak anything else. He assumed responsibilities for Balalayam. The committee members were so surprised.

The activities of that Brahmin was such that Swayam Agastya Muni had sent him. They were very satisfied as things started progressing just as the Maha Muni said.

The Brahmin never uttered any word and performed the Kalasa Sthabanam (installing the Kalasa) and Kumbabisheka of Draupadi Amman temple. The people’s joy knew no bounds. They wanted to show their respect to him and so they took silk clothes, money etc., and went to the place where he stayed right after the Kumbabisheka.

But Neela Kanta Sastri was not to be found.

They searched for him everywhere but of vain. The person who performed the Kumbabisheka without speaking a single word, did not leave anything in the rituals, uttered the Holy Mantras like nobody has ever done, did not leave any gap in the traditional methods of doing Kumbabisheka, where is that person? The committee members went to Thiruvarur searching for him.

They found Neela Kanta Sastri there in Thiruvarur.

But it was not the person who performed the Kumbabisheka.

Then who was that Neela Kanta Sastri? The answer for that question is still unknown. The elders did not say for the sake of it that the Nadhi Moola and Rishi Moola are not to be traced (source of a river and rishi is not to be traced). But one thing is for sure and there isn’t any doubt about it…

If the Siddha gives His words, even “That” Neela Kanta will come down to protect us!

~ to be continued…!

The GOS – 96 – Ahobilam

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Kethu means the one who does bad thereby providing wisdom. The Tamil word Dhooma Kethu for comet means that it will give a difficult time to the country and then will make a happier turnaround. This divine saying on astronomy said by the rishi-munis of the yore, as seen in old palm leaves holds true to this date. This is mentioned in our Puranas as well, which takes even the non-believers to think.

What sort of a danger will befall the country, I thought. Either Pakistan wage war or China will create some nuisance or it might be an effect of the elements, resulting in drought. It could be earth-quake, heavy rain resulting in damaged crops, reduction in devotion, corruption and immorality in the nation, rape, murder, theft happening frequently. Apart from these, what else can harm? I thought.


The Maha Muni asked to look at the sky in the north-eastern direction steadfast and the comet will be seen. I looked. Just as how it appeared a while ago, it appeared again. Now it was bigger but disappeared as soon as it was seen, never reappeared.

The following morning had a number of beautiful sight but my mind kept thinking about the comet. I got an English daily in the nearby station which contained a small piece of news about the comet, which was in detail in the evening paper.

I felt somewhat satisfied. It wasn’t a dream and can be shared. When asked to the Maha Muni, He just said, “We shall explain in the shrine of Lion“, that is Ahobila Narasimha Swamy shrine. I reached Ahobilam.


This place has witnessed many a miracles, situated around 2800 feet above the sea level, a place where Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy takes a stroll in the night, sometimes even in the day time. Its plush greenery, mountain covered with a green blanket of trees, remains as a visual treat for the eyes, as a display of nature’s magnanimity.

In the place of Ahobilam one can have the darshan of Nava Narasimha’s. The basement has 5 of them:

Prahladha Varadha Lakhmi Narasimha
Bhargava Narasimha
Shri Chatravada Narasimha
Yogananda Narasimha and
Karancha Narasimha

From the basement to the top, it is around 10 kilo meters. The reason why this place is so famous is because of the shrine of Ugra Narasimha who appeared as a Swayambhu (who or that which appeared all by itself) inside a cave, where Bhatha Prahalada, Shri Garuda, Mahalakshmi did penance for years and had His darshan, such a cave.

Here in the top, the other four Narasimha can be seen:

Ugra Narasimha (ugra – ferocious)
Shri Bhavana Narasimha
Shri Varaha Narasimha and
Shri Jwala Narasimha

The other important places are: the birth place of Bhava Nashini, Ugra Sthambam, Shri Malola Narasimha and the cave of Bhaktha Prahalada.

The Maha Muni though mentioned to visit Ahobila, He never said that there will be a lot of merits if one prays in this divine destination. It appeared as if He will appear in the Nadi only after having darshan in all the thirteen holy places. I went to each of the shrine with utmost devotion and had darshan as per the methods prescribed.

As I climbed up, a sort of fear occupied me.

There wasn’t much of a crowd, there is no defense mechanism to protect myself. No one accompanied me. I felt that it is not advisable to visit such mountains without somebody’s help. One has to step very carefully and should press their foot stern on the ground. If slipped off, that’s it. Only the Almighty can save.

As it was dense with trees and plants, the wild animals were roaming around freely, so I had to carefully proceed further.

There is a similarity between Ahobilam and Thirupathi. The head of Adi Shesha (the serpent which Lord Vishnu reclines) being Thirupathi, the tail being Shri Shaila and the torso being Ahobila, why I was ordained to visit Ahobila when I was in Thirupathi, I thought.

The place where Hiyanyakasipu’s stomach was torn apart, looks like Adi Shesha. The Jwala Narasimha’s shrine, being the stomach part of the mountain, I sat there with utmost devotion and respect and opened the Jeeva Nadi.

There were numerous incidents that the Maha Muni displayed, as if it was shown as a screenplay and said, This is the place where the battle happened. I will not say anything for you here. There is Ugra Sthamba a few feets from here where the holy feet of Lord Narasimha can be seen nearby. Touch those feet. You will feel an unknown pulling in your hand. Sit there and pray to Agastya. Whatever you ask, We shall answer you right there under the feet of Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy – said the Maha Muni.

I found the place exactly as He mentioned. I touched and prayed to that feet and opened the Nadi. I heard an unknown animal’s sound.

I began to sweat. There is nobody around and since they said that wild animals roam around here freely, I could barely breathe. How can I escape? I looked around and found nowhere to go. I even blamed Agastya if some mishap happens here, if my fate ends here in this place, in this way.

For about half an hour, the sound from the unknown animal was heard on and off. It was dark and that’s when the wild animals set out in search for their prey. There were no one around, they must have gone to safer places after knowing all this.

Come what may, I thought and began to read the Nadi.

For ten minutes, nothing came out. Alright then, even Agastya Muni abandoned me, I thought. I held the iron sthamba tightly saying “O Lakshmi Narasimha, save me!”

The Jeeva Nadi which I was about to read was scattered in the feet of Lakshmi Narasimha. I do not know how long I was holding to the Sthamba. I gained my consciousness when somebody woke me up, asking who I was in Telugu.

I mentioned everything in Tamil, after which he began to speak in Tamil too, which gave a huge strength to me. I asked what that animal was, whose sound was terrifying. He said that it was that of a wild wolf and that it was roaming around for sometime.


“Yes. It is a dangerous animal that even does not fear the Lion and Tiger. It ventures before them without fear. They go only in groups mostly and looks like this one got separated from the group. It hasn’t eaten for four days and so it bites anyone who comes here. The steps to release it there inside the wild wasn’t that fruitful.” – he said.

I thanked the person and asked him if he can accompany me till the basement. He said that the temple authorities must have chased that wolf away with fire-torch and that I can descend without fear.

I interrupted him right there and pleaded him to stay with me till I get a company to go down. He accepted with a half heart and showed the Nadi which was scattered near the Ugra Sthamba mentioning, “You’re leaving these and going, you have to read this here first and then only go. First take these, arrange them nicely and read. I shall come after.”

I was shocked. I had forgotten the Nadi completely out of fear. Who is this person who points me to the Nadi and read it?!

~ to be continued…!

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The Grace of Siddha – Episode 2 – The Kali Gopuram


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The couple were bewildered when they went to Gali Gopuram which is also called as Muzhangal Mudichu Gopuram (the name derived probably because of its steep structure), only to find their child missing. As per Agasthiyar Naadi, they should have reached Gali Gopuram within eight hours. But since they went a little late, they could not find their child. Still, they enquired the passerby by mentioning the child’s appearance etc. No one could be of any help. So they climbed up the Hill, burst out crying.

Muzhangal Mudichu Gopuram (a) Gali Gopuram

Before reaching Tirumala, they stepped on a child’s garment. When they checked it, it appeared as that of their kid’s. Thinking, they realized that it was indeed this garment that the kid wore, on the day it went missing. This shot up their panic. As soon as they got the garment, they called me from the hill over the phone. “Will I get my daughter? I am so scared if that sinner maniac has killed and thrown her away somewhere?

“When Agasthiyar says, it happens just exactly in most cases. For the rest, there may be additional tests, resulting in even far better results. So do not worry. Did you report to the Police?” I asked.

“No we haven’t. We don’t know Telugu or English but only Tamil. We don’t know if the police will understand what we are trying to say. What do we do?” – the couple worried.

“Better give a complaint to the police. Someone will help you!” – I said.

They could not trust my word as they lost all the hope when they couldn’t find their child in Muzhangal Mudichu Gopuram. More so, they almost came to a conclusion that their daughter is no more when they saw just the garment. I gave them some hope and thought let me ask this to Agasthiyar and began to read the Naadi on their behalf.

The couple will get back their kid in Tirumala itself – Agasthiyar concluded it in this single sentence.

In the meanwhile, many inquired the parents with sympathy on seeing them lamenting. This got spread and reached up to the person who kidnapped the kid. From the fear of getting caught, he had taken off the child’s garment, threw it somewhere and climbed up the Hill with the child on his shoulders. Due to inadequate food, separation from parents and travel, the kid had high fever and started babbling. He got scared, thinking that if something happens to this kid, he can’t sacrifice it to Kali, neither can he get in to any trouble because of it.

Lord Venkatachala

So he handed over the kid to a house-keeping lady who works in Tirumala and arranged for its first-aid and treatment.

The information reached the police since no one came to claim the kid. Through the grace of Venkatachala, the kid became alright.

The police of Tirumala started announcing about the missing kid, asking the parents to come to the police station. But all these announcements did not reach the parents who searched everywhere and were very upset. Then suddenly they remembered what Sage Agasthiyar mentioned the person who kidnapped the kid will stay in Tirumala for two days, and that with the help of the police, the kid can be saved. They rushed to the police station. Fortunately, there were people who knew Tamil in the Police Station who gathered all information, gave them courage and took them to the nearby hospital.

There they found their child and their joy knew no bounds.

When they spoke to me over the phone again, they said they will come and meet me for sure when they return. I was amazed, got a few questions too! The guy who took the kid, why didn’t he take it directly to Kali temple and why did he go to Tirupathi? I was a little interested to know the reason. I thought I shall ask this to Agasthiyar himself and as I opened the Naadi, the information I received shook me. The details about the guy who kidnapped, about the Kali temple, about the person who mentioned the possibility of begetting a treasure upon sacrificing a child – I could not just digest them!

~ to be continued…

The Grace of Siddha – 1 – The Grand Beginning!

Om Ganeshaya Namaha 

O Agasthiya Muni, let thy grace fall on us always!

When Shri Karthikeyan started Siththan Arul series in Tamil, it gained so much of popularity that we started looking forward to Thursdays, when it’s gets published. For many of us, reading that post topped the task list for the day. Reason? Simple. It contains truth. It contains divinity. It contains simplicity. It is the narration of a person who devoted his life towards Siththar Agasthiyar’s Nadi that bestowed His grace to people who were in need, people who were desperate, more so to people who had faith and were deserving. All the great truths of the world are simple, but they are profound. This series is no exception. Plus, it fills the heart with so much of awe that it happened here in our time, just recently!

The incidents are full of thrills, suspense and turn of events that gives goose pimples. However, we feel the protective warmth from the Maha Muni Agasthiyar whilst reading them and so it is very comforting. It is like He talks to you directly. The series in Tamil, the oldest language known to mankind, combined with the extraordinary narrating skills of Shri Karthikeyan puts us right there in the scene, beautifully.

And there was this feeling that our beloved readers who are yet to learn Tamil were not able to enjoy this “must read” posts. Though reading them in Tamil is the most wonderful experience one can get, we have tried our best to give these series in simple English. We earnestly pray to the Sage to bless us with all that is required to take this up, continue and complete. Om.

Siththan Arul – 1

Many know about Naadi. There are countless wonders in Tamil Nadu and Naadi is definitely one of them. These are written by Siddhas for the mankind to know about their past or future, only accurately. It is so wonderful that many a people followed the revelations and remedies that came out of Naadi to solve the issues they faced and to know more about themselves.

Who are these Siddhas?

The term Siddha came from the word Siddhi, meaning – enlightenment, paranormal power etc. Those who possesses this are Siddhas. They are aware of the trikala aka past, present and the future. They are Jnanis. Just like a CEO has secretaries, they are the prophets of God. A lot many people, in spite of their earnest prayers to God that did not bore fruits for reasons known only to the Almighty, prayed to these Siddhas and benefited through them. We do not know if any such thing happens anywhere in the world. May be it is the Almighty’s will to bestow His grace through these Siddhas.

What is a Naadi?

The Siddhas requested God once that whoever searches for them, surrenders to them, however cruel or crooks they might have been in their previous births, should be saved by God in this birth. God accepted their request. The Siddhas at once wrote solutions to many a types of problems in palm leaves, called beautifully as Olai Suvadi in Tamil. They wrote them in literature Tamil. Such Olai Suvadi’s are called as Naadi. There is a thumb-rule though. If one has a problem, then one must surrender to the Siddhas. They won’t be searching for those in trouble. Jeeva Naadi literally can mean that it is the Naadi with life.

Now let’s see some incidents.

This wise man has devoted his life for the welfare of mankind. He was blessed with the Jeeva Naadi, the olai suvadi and the responsibility of reading Naadi. He used to read out from the Naadi to those who approach him with such a request. Let us see the incidents from his narrations itself.

It was about 9 in the morning, a Friday. I came out after having completed my regular worship of Sage Agasthiyar. There stood a young couple at my door, tensed yet pitiful. I called them in and asked,

What’s the matter?”

We want to see the Naadi” – seeing Naadi means they want to know what Naadi has to say for them.

Regarding?” I asked.

The Sage Agasthiya knows why! Please could you read the Naadi without refusal?” – the couple said.

The Naadi I have is Jeeva Naadi. It cannot be read just like that. I will first seek the approval from Agasthiya. I will read if he wills” – I said, while checking the calendar as the Sage does not bestow clairvoyance on Ashtami, Navami thidhi, and on days of Karthigai (Krithika), Barani stars. I mentioned this thidhi details to them saying “Today, Agasthiya won’t give any clairvoyance and even if I read, I am not sure if there will be anything good that will come out. So, I can read if you come after two days” – trying to pacify them.

The couple were almost on tears. “It is far away where we came from and it’s not feasible to return. We somehow have to get a reply from Agathiyar. We believe he wouldn’t say anything wrong for He only can remove our grievance.

When I said “I understand your position. Possibly you can see anyone else who reads Naadi?”, they said adamantly “no no, it is through you that we have to see the Naadi“.

Jeeva Naadi is not like any other Naadi. Sage Agathiyar’s consent is a must to read it. Events of things not working out as it should when Naadi was read in these Thidhis were many. It’s ok if something did not go right. Worse fear is, what if the straight opposite happens? But I thought there must be something as they were insisting me on reading Naadi, so I thought “Alright. Let’s pray to Agathiyar. Let him bless them if they have the bhagyam (blessing)” I opened the Naadi and read.

You want to ask about your daugher who is missing from the past two days, isn’t it so?” – I asked them based on what I read in the Naadi.

They burst out crying.

Yes! Where is the child now? When will we get her? Is she alive?” they asked eagerly.

The child is alive indeed” – their face reflected the grievance lessened at once. “No issues on the life span of the child. If you want her back, you must visit
Thirupathi within 8 hours!” – I said.

What?! They took our child to Thirupathi? Where will we search going there?” – the parents lamented with worry.

If you take a bus from here, its 4 hours. From there if you walk towards path to ascend the Hill, Muzhangal Mudichu Gopuram comes. Your child is there in a corner of that Gopuram. The person who took your child will stay at Thirupathi for 2 days. Within that you can save her with the help of the police.” – I narrated the couple what Sage Agasthiyar explained in detail in Jeeva Naadi!

We shall go at once!

Why kidnap their kid? Who is he? Probably an issue with property” – I thought. But it wasn’t the truth.

Agasthiyar said in the Naadi “He was told by someone that if he sacrifices the child to Badra Kali, he will get treasure. So to seize the treasure, this sinner has committed such a brutal act“. The couple does not know why their kid was kidnapped. Agasthiyar has shown them good on an Ashtami day, for the first time, I thought.

I received a shocking information in the evening!

~ to be continued…