The GOS – 96 – Ahobilam

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Kethu means the one who does bad thereby providing wisdom. The Tamil word Dhooma Kethu for comet means that it will give a difficult time to the country and then will make a happier turnaround. This divine saying on astronomy said by the rishi-munis of the yore, as seen in old palm leaves holds true to this date. This is mentioned in our Puranas as well, which takes even the non-believers to think.

What sort of a danger will befall the country, I thought. Either Pakistan wage war or China will create some nuisance or it might be an effect of the elements, resulting in drought. It could be earth-quake, heavy rain resulting in damaged crops, reduction in devotion, corruption and immorality in the nation, rape, murder, theft happening frequently. Apart from these, what else can harm? I thought.


The Maha Muni asked to look at the sky in the north-eastern direction steadfast and the comet will be seen. I looked. Just as how it appeared a while ago, it appeared again. Now it was bigger but disappeared as soon as it was seen, never reappeared.

The following morning had a number of beautiful sight but my mind kept thinking about the comet. I got an English daily in the nearby station which contained a small piece of news about the comet, which was in detail in the evening paper.

I felt somewhat satisfied. It wasn’t a dream and can be shared. When asked to the Maha Muni, He just said, “We shall explain in the shrine of Lion“, that is Ahobila Narasimha Swamy shrine. I reached Ahobilam.


This place has witnessed many a miracles, situated around 2800 feet above the sea level, a place where Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy takes a stroll in the night, sometimes even in the day time. Its plush greenery, mountain covered with a green blanket of trees, remains as a visual treat for the eyes, as a display of nature’s magnanimity.

In the place of Ahobilam one can have the darshan of Nava Narasimha’s. The basement has 5 of them:

Prahladha Varadha Lakhmi Narasimha
Bhargava Narasimha
Shri Chatravada Narasimha
Yogananda Narasimha and
Karancha Narasimha

From the basement to the top, it is around 10 kilo meters. The reason why this place is so famous is because of the shrine of Ugra Narasimha who appeared as a Swayambhu (who or that which appeared all by itself) inside a cave, where Bhatha Prahalada, Shri Garuda, Mahalakshmi did penance for years and had His darshan, such a cave.

Here in the top, the other four Narasimha can be seen:

Ugra Narasimha (ugra – ferocious)
Shri Bhavana Narasimha
Shri Varaha Narasimha and
Shri Jwala Narasimha

The other important places are: the birth place of Bhava Nashini, Ugra Sthambam, Shri Malola Narasimha and the cave of Bhaktha Prahalada.

The Maha Muni though mentioned to visit Ahobila, He never said that there will be a lot of merits if one prays in this divine destination. It appeared as if He will appear in the Nadi only after having darshan in all the thirteen holy places. I went to each of the shrine with utmost devotion and had darshan as per the methods prescribed.

As I climbed up, a sort of fear occupied me.

There wasn’t much of a crowd, there is no defense mechanism to protect myself. No one accompanied me. I felt that it is not advisable to visit such mountains without somebody’s help. One has to step very carefully and should press their foot stern on the ground. If slipped off, that’s it. Only the Almighty can save.

As it was dense with trees and plants, the wild animals were roaming around freely, so I had to carefully proceed further.

There is a similarity between Ahobilam and Thirupathi. The head of Adi Shesha (the serpent which Lord Vishnu reclines) being Thirupathi, the tail being Shri Shaila and the torso being Ahobila, why I was ordained to visit Ahobila when I was in Thirupathi, I thought.

The place where Hiyanyakasipu’s stomach was torn apart, looks like Adi Shesha. The Jwala Narasimha’s shrine, being the stomach part of the mountain, I sat there with utmost devotion and respect and opened the Jeeva Nadi.

There were numerous incidents that the Maha Muni displayed, as if it was shown as a screenplay and said, This is the place where the battle happened. I will not say anything for you here. There is Ugra Sthamba a few feets from here where the holy feet of Lord Narasimha can be seen nearby. Touch those feet. You will feel an unknown pulling in your hand. Sit there and pray to Agastya. Whatever you ask, We shall answer you right there under the feet of Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy – said the Maha Muni.

I found the place exactly as He mentioned. I touched and prayed to that feet and opened the Nadi. I heard an unknown animal’s sound.

I began to sweat. There is nobody around and since they said that wild animals roam around here freely, I could barely breathe. How can I escape? I looked around and found nowhere to go. I even blamed Agastya if some mishap happens here, if my fate ends here in this place, in this way.

For about half an hour, the sound from the unknown animal was heard on and off. It was dark and that’s when the wild animals set out in search for their prey. There were no one around, they must have gone to safer places after knowing all this.

Come what may, I thought and began to read the Nadi.

For ten minutes, nothing came out. Alright then, even Agastya Muni abandoned me, I thought. I held the iron sthamba tightly saying “O Lakshmi Narasimha, save me!”

The Jeeva Nadi which I was about to read was scattered in the feet of Lakshmi Narasimha. I do not know how long I was holding to the Sthamba. I gained my consciousness when somebody woke me up, asking who I was in Telugu.

I mentioned everything in Tamil, after which he began to speak in Tamil too, which gave a huge strength to me. I asked what that animal was, whose sound was terrifying. He said that it was that of a wild wolf and that it was roaming around for sometime.


“Yes. It is a dangerous animal that even does not fear the Lion and Tiger. It ventures before them without fear. They go only in groups mostly and looks like this one got separated from the group. It hasn’t eaten for four days and so it bites anyone who comes here. The steps to release it there inside the wild wasn’t that fruitful.” – he said.

I thanked the person and asked him if he can accompany me till the basement. He said that the temple authorities must have chased that wolf away with fire-torch and that I can descend without fear.

I interrupted him right there and pleaded him to stay with me till I get a company to go down. He accepted with a half heart and showed the Nadi which was scattered near the Ugra Sthamba mentioning, “You’re leaving these and going, you have to read this here first and then only go. First take these, arrange them nicely and read. I shall come after.”

I was shocked. I had forgotten the Nadi completely out of fear. Who is this person who points me to the Nadi and read it?!

~ to be continued…!

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The Grace of Siddha – 29 – one in a lakh

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These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

Those who gets the mercy of the Siddhas, they get the effect right then. But some do not receive the divine mercy till the end. This is something seen out of experience. The other day, an old lady with a twelve year old girl and her mother came.

“Only you can save this child” – they started crying, with no information provided in prior.

I glanced at the girl whose face resembled a lot of grief. With a dim light in her eyes, she did not have the healthy look of a twelve year old. It occurred that she suffers from some serious disease. She did not open her mouth and so were the ladies. They both sat with their heads down.

“If you give any details, I shall see if I can ask the Sage Agastya to see if there is any remedy”

“We are not in a position to say anything. Please ask the Sage yourself” – they said.

This is a typical dilemma. They are not going to open their mouth. Let us ask the Maha Muni Himself, I began to open the Jeeva Nãdi.

There are three who are born in the Ayilya star. Let one of them stay out. Then shall we say about the girl’s future.” – said Agastya Muni.

I closed the Nãdi and asked them on the star in which they were born. One said Punarvasu. The other one said Thiruvadhirai with the girl herself being born at Ayilya.

I got confused. They are reporting three different starts but the Maharshi says they all are of the same star. If the person of Ayilya star has to stay out, then it is this girl herself. But they have come to seek Agastya Muni’s guidance via Jeeva Nãdi only for this girl. For a moment, I was so puzzled as to what to do.

All three had their horoscopes with them. I checked them thoroughly and it clearly mentioned Punarvasu, Thiruvadhirai and Ayilya in them. I had no choice but to seek Agastya Muni’s help. I opened the Nãdi again.

The Sage said “All three are born in Ayilya star only. As per some astrological calculations out of which it seems like they are of different stars, but they belong to Ayilya star only. We Siddhas alone know this as its a secret. Ask the old lady to sit outside. Then I shall explain.

I did just as said and the Muni started to tell about the girl.

Let one believe in Good Karma or Bad Karma or not. For this girl, if she gets wounded anywhere in her body, the blood flow cannot be stopped easily and the blood does not get clot. Sometimes, the blood flow will remain for two to three days also. Though there is a solution to this problem in Vaidya Shastra, that particular herb grows only once in twenty four years, and that too deep inside the forests of Kolli Hills, Podhigai Hills, Parvatha Hill and Chathuragiri.

Having found this, if consumed with a specific dose, this blood flow will stop. Only one in a lakh wil get such a disease. If it is a male, it can be managed somehow. But for this girl, who attained puberty just recently, the blood flow isn’t stopping as it does normally for girls. They are not able to cure this. This is the truth.

Once read, even I felt sorry for the girl.

The mensus has just started and will last for years from now. During every periods, it will take many days for the blood flow to stop. How to compensate the blood that gets wasted thus? Periods is natural but this unstoppable flow of blood?

Apart from this, if she gets married, begetting a child will then become a mammoth task by itself. First of all, who will marry her knowing this issue? I began to think all such thoughts. The girl’s mother got scared looking at me, who is quietly thinking all these.

“Sir, please tell us if there is any danger to her life” – she said with tears.

“No, no. Nothing like that. The child’s disease will be cured soon. Do not fear” – I said and rebuked her for asking such a question right in front of the girl.

“But everyone says just the same”

“Who are those ‘everyone’?”

“The doctors! They said that she has to be given blood during every periods. How can this tender body bear all that sir?” – she asked amidst tears. She could not speak further.

“No Amma (a respectful tone used when referring to ladies, as Mother). The Maha Muni has mentioned that there is a herb that can cure this disease” I consoled the lady and began to read the Nãdi again.

These particular herbs are to be collected from Chathuragiri, Podhigai hills, and Kolli hills, then washed thoroughly, and dry it in shadow. Then make a powder of the mixture (here, the sage mentions to use Ulakkai, a wooden pestle to grind the herbs). Place the mixture in beetle leaf and mix honey obtained from hills. This should be consumed thrice daily, which will take care of this disease.” – said the Sage in a marvelous manner.

Herbs from Chathuragiri, Kolli Hills and Podhigai Hills

Need it be said that the girl’s mother felt happiness knowing no bounds?

“I shall sell even my Mangalya to get this medicine. She will be cured of this anyhow right?” – she asked with so much of anxiety.

“Do not worry Amma. The Sage Agastya will NEVER forsake you” – I consoled her.

Three months passed by.

The girl and her parents came to meet me, with hapiness lingering in their faces.

“A very happy news sir! I got those medicines that Agastya Muni mentioned with difficulty. Now she does not have those unstoppable blood flow and is normal just like other girls. If she gets wounded, blood comes, but does not flow non-stop like before. Only the Sage Agastya Muni has saved this girl” – said the mother with tears in her eyes. I thanked and wondered on the grace of the Siddha Agastya, that he cured even the rarest of the diseases.

But I had a doubt. This girl never spoke to me, even when the mother shared such a happy news, I thought. Only then I came to know that she cannot speak.

~ to be continued…