TASMAC getting closed – just imagine!

Rumors are that the CM Ms. Jayalalithaa is working out a plan to shut down the entire TASMAC unit irrespective of its massive income share to the Government. We pray the Almighty and to the CM that this rumour become a reality, only a permanent one.

The whole of TamilNadu will be indebted to the CM if this dream comes true. Yes, we include those who visit TASMAC regularly as they too will reap the benefits, in the longer run for sure. The Government may incur heavy losses due to this, but the long term gain is much more than the “money part” and so this bold step must be taken.

Those who think of procuring liquor from other states, stay calm as, ‘out of sight is out of mind’. Though it may not stop the habit immediately, a slowdown is sure. Not many can go to other states to continue this habit. If you stay stubborn, all the best!

As this news spreads like wildfire, some of the points that comes to mind immediately are: 

  • The women who are directly and indirectly affected will praise and bless the CM, forever. This itself says it all. 
  • This will prove that Ms. Jayalalithaa is indeed a caring leader who ‘does what she speaks of’. 
  • If and when this becomes permanent and not just a election stunt as many decipher, it will further strengthen the hope in a leader from the people of TN who witnessed only hopelessness by its leaders. This hope is much awaited which is almost at its last breath for the people of TN. 
  • That the dream of making TN the number 1 state of India will march in the right direction. 
  • This is one such step that no other in TN could even dream of before. 

However, enough care should be taken to address the illegal procurement and availability of illicit liquor.

We are eagerly awaiting for the official announcement. We thank the CM Ms. Jayalalithaa in advance from the bottom of our heart and wish all the best for Her and the TN Government

Note: This article is not a political propaganda. The core value of GnanaBoomi lies in improving one’s thoughts for the good of one and for all. This we will do by the Vedic wisdom proclaimed in this country. Therefore it is natural to applaud any measure that reflects our core value. This potential step is one such thing to be appreciated, even in advance.