The GOS – Agastya’s Anantha Sayana – 2

When the name Padmanabha Swamy is uttered, we may think of the recent events and the famous sayana pose of the Lord with Shiva Linga underneath the right arm. But in this place, there is a Siddha who is beneath the right arm!

The Grace of Siddha – Agastya’s Anantha Sayana!

When anyone from Siddha Marga hears the word ‘Anantha Sayanam’, they become silent with reverence, pray and prostrate Agastya within. The rest will feel very happy and ask a lot of questions. The difference is due to the ‘thinking’. The landscape that was called as Anantha Sayanam or Anantha Puri is the present day’s Thiruvananthapuram […]