The GOS 211 – Perumal & Adiyen 11 – Virushachalam

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A number of unexplainable miracles are still happening in the Tirumala till date. The Kali Purusha was working full swing in spoiling the minds of people. They do everything without the realization that they are under his spell. If they only stop and contemplate for a second, think of Lord Venkatava, they will come out of his spell. But is Kali that easy to give up? Before Tirumala was formed, there was a small town nearby with opulence of greenery. A king ruled it and its surroundings. His name was Virushachalam.

Though he was not a literate, he was naturally intelligent and devoted. But what surpassed all these was his mercy. His parents was worried about this very quality which doesn’t match quite well in being a king. How is he going to win his enemies and protect his kingdom, they worried. They called upon an astrologer to ask about Virushachalam who was an ardent devotee of Lord Narayana. He examined the horoscope of Virushachalam and said this:

“He would prefer ruling the jungle than the kingdom. It is not a good idea to have him rule this kingdom.”

The parents were shocked and asked if there is a way to have his mind changed towards being a king. The astrologer said that no remedial measure would help and its good to leave him as he pleases. The parents were reluctant, how can we leave all these wealth and these innocent people of our kingdom who believe in Virushachalam. Then the minister said:

“O King. Do not worry. Let the prince live the way he wants by doing service to the lord. If you wish, I shall rule this place as his representative.”

The king got angry, “How can a minister rule when Virushachalam is here?”

The minister gave a thoughtful look at the astrologer and asked, “Isn’t how it is mentioned in the horoscope?” The astrologer got scared and he nodded his head, never opened his mouth. The king said that he will counsel with other ministers, well wishers and in front of the Rajya Sabha and decide thereafter.

“O King. I am not after the post of the king. I am just concerned that your clan should not end with Virushachalam. Not only that, there is not going to be a brother or sister born to Virushachalam hereafter. Above all, I do have some rights over this kingdom.”

“How dare you, on what basis are you saying this?” – roared the queen.

“O Sister! You gave me this important role of minister in this kingdom. I am reminding you just that. Not just that, when the enemies came here, I saved your husband the King by taking him in to the jungle. You had then promised that you will give whatever I want. Plus, your son is chanting Narayana Narayana all the time. How can he be the king?”

“So you should be crowned as the king and Virushachalam is to be sent to the jungle?”

“That is up to you.” – said the minister.

“The first mistake is to appoint you as the minister. The second is to call this astrologer for a discussion.”


“From this second, I deprive you of this minister post. In two days, you should quit this kingdom.” – said the King.

The minister was not swayed by this statement. He took the astrologer whom he brought away, angrily. The next day, without no one’s expectation happened was the ceremony of Virushachalam anointed as the king amidst the Vedic chants by the priests.

“O Father. Why don’t you continue to rule this place while I go to places like Badrinath, Kailash, Rishikesh and pray to the almighty. Please allow me.”

The king did not consent. The news of the new king reached the public. Though they were very happy, they couldn’t understand why the king took this decision so soon. They thought that the king might have witnessed ‘Dhoomakethu’, a comet by which he must have hastened the decision to action. The ceremony which was supposed to happen in front of every public, why it happened secretly in the palace was not clear to the public though they didn’t express anything.

The King and Queen were relieved that their son has become the king. While they were lying down peaceful at night, the minister killed both with his men. The news spread like a wildfire the next morning. The King and Queen are killed by the minister! The public went rampage in front of the minster’s house. He knew that he cannot escape the public and so he ran away to a nearby hill. When he turned back, he saw a whole mass of public behind him and so he ran without control only to fall down from the hill. He never woke up again alive.

Virushachalam was frustrated with the happenings. He decided that he is not going to be a king in this material world. He called upon five of the loyal ministers and wrote a power of attorney for them to rule the place and made several welfare plans to the public, making them official. He went out on pilgrimage, visited many parts of India by foot, took holy dip in many a holy rivers. He naturally became a lovely devotee in Lord Narayana’s heart. Virushachalam reached Koneri river and lived as one among the other Munivars and became an ardent Tapasvi. This is when Kali Purusha spotted him.

We read what happened thereafter. After this incident, Lord Narayana named the first holy hills of Tirumala after Virushachalam, the king who is an ardent devotee of the Lord.

PS: This is different from the present day names of the Seven Hills. But the above is narrated by Agastya Muni in the Jeeva Nadi.

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~ to be continued…!