Thanjavur Sathsangam – Agastya Muni clarifies the crowd

The Agastya Answers series can be read here.

Q) What the Maharishi said about answering generic questions. Here, He  clarifies the crowd that He will answer generic questions and not to the specific queries of individuals.

AA) Through the grace of Almighty, though the Prathamai thithi has begun (where the Siddha does not provide answers generally), due to the repetitive requests by our beloved children, We got the permission from the Almighty God and are willing to reply to their generic questions. First of all, our blessings to those who are seated here, awaiting to hear the answers.  

At this moment, how much ever problems one has now a days and seeks our guidance, the root cause of all these is their own karmic effects, the sins they committed. People forget this most of the time. Wherever the sin is, the pain and misery follows. Therefore, those who want to live a life without misery, to live with true peace of mind, to live without any trouble, they must then seldom commit any sin. It is difficult. If a human birth is taken, knowingly or unknowingly, one ends up committing sins. But one should not do that sinful act, sinful talk or even to keep thinking about the sin committed again and again, is a right way to get the
Almighty’s grace.

Having said this, with so many pressing issues, there are some beloved who are eagerly awaiting that they could get some remedy out of what We say, and get out of our trouble, to live peacefully. But here We say, that we will only answer for generic questions and not for the specific queries from individuals. And life goes on. If the Siddhas keep quiet, then how are we going to solve our problems, one may think. Why can’t the specific answer be given, those who believe in the Nadi may ask. We have clarified already, we shall clarify now too. Through God’s grace, the one who remains in complete surrender (Charanagathi is the actual word used, where the word surrender is not even coming closer), the one who lives completely in accordance with Dharma, remains in truthfulness (Sathya), to him, We shall remain close to and do all good to him through the grace of God.

For the one who has not realized the self, even if God appears before him, there is no use. The asuras are the best example for this. Many of the asuras have had the darshan of God. But what happened at the end, those who read the Puranas know. Hence, even if one has had the darshan of God, if he does not have the realization, Sathvic thoughts, Dharmic thoughts, one cannot rise up. One may ask, isn’t it true that the moment one has the darshan of God, wouldn’t his mind become ripen enough? The omnipresent God, if one realizes His presence, can’t he rise up? Even Me and the God Almighty think exactly the same and we get along with humans. But the humans, at all stages expect us from their own perspective than what we think of them, from our perspective. If We continue to speak philosophically, it definitely does not raise any interest in them. We are aware of that.

To say it short, if one suffers from an ailment that hasn’t got any cure even after so many treatments, We say at this moment. Let them perform a prayer to their Ishta Devata in a way they can, there is no harm in it. In particular, We say, pray to Dhanvanthri. If a person recites the mantra of Dhanvantri for a minimum of one Nazhigai just before he goes to sleep, his health will be very good. If one suffers financial trouble, let him pray to any deity, but in particular We say, pray to Mata Mahalakshmi, the better. We say that everyday, pray to Lord Vinayaka, Subhramanya, Bhairava, Navagrahas… The Supreme Lord who is omnipresent is just One.
The forms are different. Though We know this, based on every individual’s temperament and to rise them up step by step, We suggest them different methods of prayers.

To say it short still, in spite of acute difficulty, if one does not lose heart, stays focussed and faithful in the Lord, does whatever Dharmic activities he could and performs his duties correctly, for sure the fate will change and start doing good to him. Thinking of dharma, one need not have to assume that they have to spend in lakhs or crores. Let them do dharma whatever they could. Even the one who does not have anything, he could even feed an ant, right? Whatever one gives to others, indirectly means that he gives it to himself. Hence We recommend Dharmic activities in this Nadi leaves frequently.

At this moment, the children who are seated in front of Me, blessings to you all. From now on, however their karmic effects makes them raise a question, let them ask. Blessings to one and all at this moment.