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The GOS 119 – Why Agastya does not recommend Yantra-Bhakthi

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here.

For salvation, Bhakthi is one way. That bhakthi can be done through Pooja, Dhyana (Meditation) etc., but Agastya suggests to stay out of Yantra based bhakthi. If a yantra is prepared for a person, that house where he stays must be purified with Yagna or Pooja, to check for the auspicious day and star, and must be prepared in the most pure surroundings. If one knows how the yantras that are prepared nowadays, one can know how dangerous it is. A such person who was with yantra-craze, how he almost lost his livelihood and how Agastya Muni saved him, we shall see today.

The person who stood before me made me feel like I have to bow to him for he appeared very devotional. He had applied the holy vibuthi (bhasm or holy ash) on his forehead, kum-kum in the center of it, the fragrance of javvadhu in a subtle manner, simplicity in her appearance etc., He must have been in his sixties. He accompanied his wife. But I realized later, that his appearance was a total contradiction to what he did.

He spoke.

“Bhagwan has given all sorts of comforts, save peace of mind. I got my first daughter married to a very good place, but her marital life wasn’t pleasant. She returned home. I got my second daughter married. For years, she hasn’t attained motherhood. She has returned home as well. The youngest boy who was going to college suddenly stopped going there. If asked, he laughs at himself and does not want to get out of the house. He is drowsy all the time, worst thing, he doesn’t even brush his teeth. He takes bath only that day when he feels like, and doesn’t apply soap. He stinks. He must be corrected and so my daughter’s lives should be on track. I trust in Agastya. Please save me.”

“Did you ask anyone about this and did any remedy?”

“Yes. But no use so far. We’ve come here as a last resort.”

“We are tired of doing parikara. So please suggest us anything but parikara” – the lady spoke for the first time.

I was surprised and felt something is not right in here.

“Amma, you are approaching Agastya Muni as you approach an astrologer. Wrong. Think of him as a Gnani who gives a clairvoyance. For your problems, whatever he suggests, accept it and do as He says. Agastya Muni
does not speak in favour of you or me.”

“They say this is Agastya Nadi Jyotish. Hence I asked..” – said that lady.

“I have to be careful to these people” – I thought and opened the Nadi without saying anything.

Two of the yantras kept at this man’s house has some repairs (like a crack or a dent). The day he brought this and kept it at home, his peace of mind is gone. If he throws these yantras away, there won’t be any problems.” – Agastya Muni concluded short and sweet.

The couple’s face became pale the moment they heard it.

“There are many a yantras at my pooja room. If I know which ones has the dosha, only those can be thrown out right?” – asked the man.

I said, “If it is not coated with silver or gold lining, and if not done regular pooja, to avoid the yantra getting spoiled, its better to throw it away.”

“There are around 12 such yantras with me, all are done with proper pooja.”

“Pooja means how?” – I asked.

“Through the astrologer, pooja was done in the temple and was given to me.”

“First, it is not right to do pooja for these in the temples. It has to be done in one’s house. It is secondary to do such poojas in the temple.” – I clarified.

“What if one does not have the means to do pooja at home?” – he countered.

“Fair question. Let’s ask this to Agastya Himself.”

Before performing pooja to these yantras, the person must be pure in his physical and mental state. He should sit facing north-eastern side. There must not be any impurity (theetu as it is mentioned) in either the person who does the pooja or the person to whom the pooja is performed for. The mantras must be recited clearly, slowly and without a hurry. One should not use garments that are not clean. Second, one must not perform the pooja on whatever copper plates one obtains. One could have one or two copper plates at home like this, its enough. If more than two are there, it will spoil the peace in the family.

The plates which are kept in this man’s house are all prepared without proper pooja. The day he started doing pooja for more than three such plates, from that day his family started facing so many hurdles. If the plate is not done proper pooja or yagna at home, they are useless. The family faces all such problems only because of his mistakes.” – said the Maha Muni.

“The day he brought the Sudarsana Yantra which was prepared incorrectly, his only son became insane. He got in to the clutches of evil spirits. The other two girls’ houses had lot of impurities and thereby, they ended up with serious family issues.

The old man’s face became dark after hearing these.

Whoever brings a yantra plate, he will install it in his pooja room and he was nick named “Yantra-crazy”. Whoever sells a yantra, even for three ruppes, saying one can get rid of debt, one can become a millionnaire, one’s family will be at peace, long term disease will be gone, whatever is the claim, he buys those yantras at once.

“Do what Agastya Muni has said and come back. For sure there will be good.” – I said.

But some sort of a worry still appeared in his face. I thought they might have not liked the way Agastya mentioned about the yantra and their craze about it, and I just left it. For few months, they didn’t return and one fine evening…

The same person came with his wife, son and daughters. He appeared happy. He fell at my feet in spite of the age difference and said, “I did a big mistake. Please ask Agastya Muni to forgive me.”

“What mistake did you do?”

“I did not believe in what He said and asked another person whether they were true. If I were suggested a number of Parikara, I would have got hope. As I was suggested just a single point, I was disappointed and went to another person.”

That person laughed aloud and said, “As if Agastya mentioned in the Jeeva Nadi, it is what “that” person has said. Don’t believe it. To challenge Agastya Himself, let me do a big Homa and prepare a huge yantra, and collected a huge sum of money from me. I placed the yantra he gave in my pooja room. This was one big mistake.

In the next few hours, whatever I heard, whatever happened, some untimely deaths all shook me to my base. My wife got frustrated and threw away all the yantras in the well. At first, I was furious at my wife. But once they
were all in thrown in the well, things started changing within one and a half month.

The happiness I did not get for thirty long years is back with me. My family life has turned happy. My second daughter is pregnant now, she says. The surprising thing, my son has become alright. He goes to college again now.” – he continued to narrate what happened.

I was looking at him silently. Such people, might just overturn if they are convinced sufficient enough, I felt.

“O Agastya! Please save them.” – I prayed.

Those who read this post, a request to you all. Please think before keeping any yantras at home. Is this really required? There is nothing great in this world other than true devotion and prayer. The reason is, there is NO ONE else other than Agastya Muni who knows better about Yantras.

~ to be continued…!

Siththan Arul

The Grace of Siddha – 44 – Siddhas are better rationalists

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 These are not stories. They are real incidents. Read through these and do reflect if anywhere, anything in these series is resonating with your own self. Do you feel any of these telling anything to you? Do you feel yourself that any of the phrase is a reflection of yours? Is there an answer to you in these?!

“Is there a dosha in my house? Can Agastya Muni tell this?”

“I shall request. There may or may not be a reply for such queries” – said I.

“This doesn’t seem like a fit reply. Hmm…ask Him, nevertheless” – said the seemingly rough person.

I seldom liked his attitude of as though I and Agastya Muni are awaiting his commands and that I should get the answers from Agastya Muni for whatever he asks for. Still I remained silent and opened the Jeeva Nãdi.

The house he is going to go, has a small dosha in the Rezhi (hallway) right under the crossbeam. Before he goes to the house, he must perform a Sudarshana Yagna. Else, there is no use in blaming Agastya later on” – concluded the Sage.

“The Vastu specialist says there is no such dosha in the house? You are saying this. It is not sure which is true and which is not” – he murmured.

I lost my patience a bit “Sir….believe in either of it or leave it. I don’t have anything to lose. I am neither the agent of Agastya.”

I don’t know what he felt. He stood up with anger, “It is a lie that there is something called Vastu Dosha. These are just tactics to loot money by scaring off people. You are saying that there is a dosha in my house. I don’t believe it. But still, I came here as many people asked me to meet you”

I remained silent.

“Ok…let me listen to you. Can you tell how this Vastu Dosha should have come?” – he asked then.

“There may be an evil spirit there. Or an unnatural death would have happened post which they must have not performed any remedial ritual or there could have been a bhoomi dosha which could’ve caused the vastu dosha, says Agastya Muni” – I mentioned.

“Do not believe in all these sir. People die in the roads every day. Can anyone perform Sudarshana Homam in the roads for that? What are you…?” – said he and twisted his moustache, showing a sign of sarcasm and disagreement mixed.

I realized that there is no use in talking to such people. He should come here only if he believes, or else he could just stay away. Why is he causing all such trouble, I thought to myself.

Two months passed by. The same person came back in an evening with a dull face. He did not speak anything but began to cry. I did not ask anything but kept looking at him in silence.

“Sire, please forgive me. I tested the Agastya Muni so much. The result, the only male child I had who was healthy passed away all of a sudden. That too on the new house, right in the Rezhi and right underneath the crossbeam” – he could not speak further.

I consoled him and asked what happened.

“I challenged you and entered the house right after three days. On that night, right at 12 in the night, the child who was sleeping right in the Rezhi screamed aloud. Then it passed away the very next minute”

“Did you perform the Sudarshana Homa as suggested by Agastya Muni?”


“Didn’t you perform any other remedial measure?”

“No. I do not know any shashtra or sampradaya. I do not believe in them either. I realize that this is the result of all that”

“If you do not believe in all these, then why did you come to read Nãdi?” – I asked, feeling a little hotter myself.

“I came since everyone said. I could’ve just left it as it is. I spoke so ill about you and Agastya Muni. Please forgive me. Why should my only dear child die? I suffer so much thinking of it”

“Nothing happens without a reason. Let us ask what Agastya Muni says” – I consoled him.

“I wanted to blame Agastya and to bring an ill-fame to Him, hence I acted that way. I was already aware of the dosha in that house, but I never believed it. Right at the place where my child died, a person who stayed there in that house got killed by a sickle.

The Grace of Siddha 43 - Siddas are better rationalists

The person who came after him, committed suicide in the same crossbeam due to the trouble he had with debt. Then a seven year old child was killed in a fire accident right in that place. In spite of knowing all these, I made my child lie down in the same place!.

I am a rationalist.

But being rational, I lost my young son. If I had done a mistake, please forgive me, but I would like to know why such things happen” – said the person.

I remained silent and opened the Nãdi.

On that particular place, there was an unwanted object kept with an intention that those who come and stay in that house should not live happily. There was a yantra plate kept after being performed tantric rituals using Atharvana Veda. This was kept by a person who lived here before.

Why did he do so? It was because he did not pay the rent for long and so the owner asked him to vacate the house. He vacated the house angrily and thought that whoever stays here after him, should suffer and so he buried the yantra right under the crossbeam in the hallway and he vacated the house.

The yantra was installed by using mantras that cause dangerous effects and it caused various different problems to those who came here to live. When the life of this rationalist’s child was taken away, the yantra has lost all its powers. If this rationalist had performed the Sudarshana Yagna just as Agastya had suggested, this shouldn’t have happened.” – said the Agastya and mentioned…

Whoever goes to a house for living, should perform a yagna for betterment. In addition, one should perform prayers based on their belief“.

O I forgot to mention one more thing. For such an incident to happen to you, it is the effect of you having killed a child in your previous birth. It has accumulated as well” – said the Sage.

This might have hurt the rationalist or he might have thought that I have told this to console him. No one can get pass the effect of Karma. Agastya Muni had suggested a remedial measure only to reduce the effect of Karma. This is the reality. But the main question is, how many understand this? At the same time, not every one gets the blessing of getting a Jeeva Nãdi reading.” – the sage gave all these advice and mentioned that..

In general, we Agastya, does not speak about such tricks based on Atharvana Veda, neither do We believe in this completely because, there is nothing bigger than an earnest prayer. If the tricks of Atharvana Veda is bigger than all, then why do we need temples, churches and mosques? There is no need. Such tricks are not performed by most of the people and for those who do, their families does not live peacefully either” – concluded the Sage.

More so, since He mentioned about Atharvana Veda and the yantra, the Sage said that He will not give any clairvoyance for the next 45 days due to an impurity. For those 45 days, He ordered that the Jeeva Nãdi palm leaves must be kept in Chottanikarai Bhagavathy Amman Temple.

I couldn’t do anything much. The Agastya Muni has always mentioned good things in the Nãdi and when someone comes with query of witch-craft, He says that He does not believe in such things. But Agastya Himself had given so much of explanation to this rationalist, was a surprise to me.

Fourty five days went by.

The rationalist came back, only appearing like a Sivan-Adiyar (an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva) with holy ash being smeared in his forehead and kumkum in the size of a 25 paisa coin in middle of his forehead. He mentioned about something very surprising.

The person who kept the yantra in that house, his grandson met with an accident and is struggling for his life. That person came to this rationalist and has cried profusely, admitting that it was him who kept the yantra.

The rationalist said “Please pray to Agastya Muni to save this child. My child has gone, but it should not happen to this person. I have prayed to Lord Muruga that I will tonsure my head. My prayer should be accepted” – he said amidst tears. I was greatly moved.

After a few days, the rationalist-Shiva bhaktha came again. He had tonsured his head with sandal paste applied on it. He carried a child and the grand father of that child accompanied. What more proof do I want to know that the child got saved?

I prayed to Lord Agastya earnestly!

~ to be continued…!