7 fool proof steps to plant a positive day

Planting a day? Does it mean, we can choose how our day is going to be? Yes! The steps given below are simple but do not underestimate its simplicity. It really works very effective when implemented.

        a) Planning – Remember, failing to plan is planning to fail!

 When you are about to go to sleep during the previous day, list out the things you want to do for the next day and prioritize them. Having a short list of about 5 tasks will suffice. Take one little baby step at a time. It may take approximately 15 minutes to do this. Also, have a rough frame on what you want to do towards each of the tasks.
  • Having a plan gives you focus
  • It avoids the starting trouble and helps you jump straightin to “doing” than wondering what to do first
  • You save a considerable amount of time everyday

    b) Getting things done  – Easy to say, now easier to do also!
Start simple. As simple as that!
It’s a myth that one has to get the toughest thing done at first, but in practical sense, it is better to get the most easiest done first, thereby adding to the list of ‘completed task’ than to struggle with the tough one. By the time you have finished your tough one or at least bought it to a shape, you are already exhausted and there is still more to do. Even the easier ones are left out. You end up feeling not having completed anything. Do we pickup the heavy weight the moment we enter the gym? No! We do warm ups. Then why change the time tested method which works fine? 🙂
So start simple. Focus on one thing at a time. See here on why multi-tasking is not only counter productive, but how it distracts you.
Benefits of starting simple:
  • gives a sense of accomplishment
  • you actually do complete tasks
  • the more you complete, the more you energized you are toget bigger tasks done
c) Great expectations – Expect success and you will find it!
Start your day with a energizing note, tell yourself literally ‘Today is a great day’ before even getting up from the bed. There is power in positive expectations. The brain gets wired to emotions, feelings and most importantly, repetition. What you keep repeating gets stronger in the mind. How is that our hands find it easy to reach our mouth, even if its dark? Mere repetition. Try the same with the other hand, you find it a little difficult, isn’t it? Repeat positive notes to yourself, though you may wonder why at first, it will work wonders in fact.
Neural PathwaysNeural Pathways. Image Courtesy – Annawrites.com
Here is an example from my own life. When I began preparing for a IT certification course, I had no clue how I was going to clear the so called ‘tough’ exam of that time. When I was on my way to the training center,the hoarding of Boost catches my eye. It had something like this on it “You can do it, you can prove it” with the cricketer Venkatesh Prasad in action. I use to repeat that to myself whenever I see it and feel it within me. It gave me a sense of confidence and made me believe that I really can come out of the exam with flying colors. And I did.
Dr. Abdul Kalam narrated this incident from his childhood. Climbing huge trees was his playtime hobby where on a stormy day, he and his playmate got stuck in one of these trees and the wind started blowing so heavily that it was enough to knock down the kids. The parents came rushing andthe father of the playmate shouted “don’t fall down” and that girldid exactly what they didn’t want. She fell down. Dr. Kalam’s father shouted “hold on tight” and that’s what happened. Our Kalam held the branch so tight till everything was normal. The moral of the story? The brain does not understand counter statements. Just say it straight and say it simple, it’seasier for our brains.
Now which one is easier to understand from the picture below?
 The brain understands direct statements better
The brain understands direct statements better
Benefits of positive expectations:
  • it works in the subtleties of your mind and does miracles
  • it has been proven that success or feeling satisfied isalso a habit and can be cultivated by this action
  • you are in a better position with positive thoughts thanthat of the opposite

d) Now here is a slap note – Do not indulge in newspaper humbugs in the mornings.

It’s a bold one, and it is true. If you want to do anything productive, get rid of this “collection of negatives” called newspapers and breaking news in the mornings. You can browse through them at a leisure time or when you have completed the task you listed. There is nothing other than knowing all the negatives happening around you by reading newspapers, especially in the mornings. No, I am not against ‘knowing what’s happening around you’ is wrong, but is that what you get when you read them or watch them in the television? The news media is highly manipulated one, at least here. They act. Simple. Shun them as poison and get to work on what’s productive and positive to you.

Also, get rid of any distractions such as opening Facebook the moment you get to work or personal mails. These are sure ways to get youdistracted. Focus on the task at hand instead. Facebook isn’t bad but the world will not fall apart if you haven’t updated your status on it. Facebook can wait till you complete what’s important. On the other hand, if you feel indulging in personal chores while at work, examine if you are enjoying your work. You may be feeling stagnant, bored or even unrecognized!

Benefits of staying away from media-crap:
  • less distraction
  • blocking all the negatives lets you focus on your work andleaves you with a lot more clearer mind
  • you realize that the news media is making you nothing shortof a dumb-head, by throwing all sorts of crap

e) Rise early and exercise – need we say more?

Do at least 5 Surya Namaskar everyday and see the results for yourself. One has to experience the benefit of getting up early than reading about it. This is the most important part of getting organized.

  •         for a change, do it and you can list out the benefits yourself 🙂

f) Gratitude and love goes a long way – probably nothing else can go that long, not even Duracell.

Feel, literally feel the gratitude on everything around you.There are wonderful things happening at this very moment, can you imagine howbeautifully your body works, how your eyes read this and how fast your brain isinterpreting as and when you read?
The little finger in our hand, for instance, gets almostforgotten when its normal, but when it is hurt, it becomes the biggest issue inthe world for the individual. Appreciate every possible thing around you. Whatdo you think is the difference between a person of wisdom and us, but thisfeeling of love and gratitude?
Are you saying “I am not able to feel grateful becausecertain things aren’t happening the way I want it”? Well, things are nothappening probably because you are not feeling grateful. What is it going tocost you to express gratitude and love?
Gratitude goes a long way!

Gratitude goes a long way!

Imagecourtesy – http://joettles.com

  • feeling appreciated, feeling grounded and blessed
  • shift of focus, from ‘why things happen this way?’ TO ‘howblissful and blessed am I?’
  • like attracts like, gratitude and love attracts more of it
 g) Kick the deadline
Well, not to be taken literally. Simply don’t get bogged down with the deadline haunting you. If keep looking at the calendar and deadline is your habit, its time to break it. Take a deep breath (breathing is everything),and instead, focus on the task at hand and complete it.
Questions to the reader:
What is the tiny bit from the above points that got your attention? Tell us why.
If you have interesting methods and tips on planning your day and getting organized, why don’t you share it here for the benefit of us all?