They denote the importance of one’s Mother Tongue and Sanskrit. They are like the two (inner) eyes for oneself. It is extremely important to know how to speak, write and read in your Mother Tongue. Nowhere else do we see this calamity that speaking or studying in our own language is looked down. While in no way that we need to turn back on other languages or become language fanatics on the other extreme, it does bear a significance and notable effect in studying in one’s own language.

 It is equally important to know Sanskrit because the very root of our culture is in Sanskrit. The Vedic Dharma and its wisdom such as the Vedas, Upanishads and Ithihasa-Puranas are all in Sanskrit. Sanskrit is not only the mother of all languages but is the most refined, suitable and modern language ever known. It is extremely good for our well-being also. Read through some of the wonderful articles here on Sanskrit and Vedic Dharma to know for yourself.

 It was a careful and dangerous strategy coined against our people by the invaders. They figured out that in order to conquer us, it is important to make us feel that our culture as demonic, our scriptures to propagate cannibalism and polygamy, thereby rotting our thinking system itself, making us weak and inferior. They succeeded with flying colours.  Fortunately, from the own sons and daughters of the soil and from the open-minded scientists and researchers all over the world, great revelations are being spread out on the greatness of our culture and that of Sanskrit. It is no longer considered a language once spoken, but one that is of great importance to the individual, the society and of the whole world. It is the most convincing, satisfying, scientific and that which propagates peace and bliss.

Let us realize that we have been kept in the dark for ages and wake up. We are all equal. We are the proud heirs of Mother India. Ours is the race which taught the world to count, to live and let live, and live culturally and peacefully. It is from this land that the most amazing individuals have come, who left the world spellbound with their astonishing works.

 It is extremely shameful to get divided upon race, colour, religion, language and state. Let us stop blaming and pointing fingers at each other first. Enough has been done. Let us arise to claim our superiority!

 Knowing Sanskrit opens the gateway to knowing yourself. It is the connecting bridge between you and your great ancestors who pioneered in many aspects of this life and the afterlife. Know that you are of the same race, and you have the same potential as they did.

 The reason for Durga’s eyes being adorned is that the Vedic Dharma regards women as the embodiment of divine itself and mother’s love is the most compassionate of all.